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A Film about Forces and Simple Machines created by a 5th grade class at Prince Street Elementary School through the ArtsSmarts Program. This educational, science-based video project was entirely student driven…from the concepts themselves to scriptwriting to set backdrops and so much more, everyone had an important role to play. Focusing on core science components such as gravity, inertia and friction (to name only a few) this video is jam-packed with content and takes learning to a whole new level.

From our initial meeting with Karla (Miss Willdey) we were excited about this project and its endless possibilities. It was inspiring, the level of confidence that she had in her class…the belief in each of her students that they could not only undertake such a project but that in doing so, they would shine…and shine they did. As each unique personality began to emerge…it didn’t take long for us to recognize exactly what Karla was talking about. From their enthusiasm, cooperation and perserverance to their level of creativity, participation and determination…we are so proud of each and everyone one of them! We could not have asked for a better group to work with…it was a wonderful experience.

To Miss Willdey…thank you for inviting us to share this adventure with you!
To all our Science Gurus…thank you for letting your light shine!
To Cecile and the ArtsSmarts Program…thank you for your continued support of learning and the arts!

We are truly grateful to have had this opportunity…what an amazing project to have been a part of!!!