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Robyn and Robert are so incredibly perfect for each other…and high school sweethearts to boot! This was truly a day to treasure for so many reasons…they have not only been there for each other through their own growing pains…both of their families in recent years have been through so much and to have had this day surrounded by the most amazing love and support was nothing short of miraculous. We’ll be rooting for you…go TEAM ROB!!!

Once again, we had the privilege of travelling to Cap-Pele, New Brunswick to film a wedding…this time for Marie-Eve and Shawn. We are always thrilled to be invited off island, and this one was particularly special…the ceremony took place at the actual spot where Shawn had proposed! What an amazing backdrop…it was the perfect setting! All was definitely well with the universe when Marie-Eve and Shawn met…they compliment each other so well, and the mutual love and respect that they share is earth-shattering. Enjoy this preview teaser!

Wishing Emma and Peter a very Happy New Year! Remembering you today on your first year anniversary and hoping you are having a wonderful time. All the best.

You know how every little girl dreams of their prince charming and ultimately the fairytale wedding… well this day had all the makings of a real life fairytale for Emma and Peter. They were so into each other…I just loved how they looked at each other the entire day as if no one else was around. Each brings so many amazing qualities to their relationship that when fused together creates magic. An unforgettable New Years Eve for the guests, as well as the best day in Emma and Peter’s lives.

The only thing more breathtaking than the venue itself, was the love and connection shared between Heather and Stephen. The day took place at the spectacular White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia, and for a day in the middle of October the weather cooperated beautifully! To say the day was perfect, would be an understatement…from the anticipation and the smallest of details, to the very touching personal vows they wrote for each other…there were so many amazing aspects about this wedding.

Naturals in front of the camera…Amanda and Kelvin were so much fun! We always have a great time at the beach and this day was certainly no exception. You don’t get more down to earth than these two…it felt like we had known them for years. They were so comfortable together…laid back, sincere, willing to try anything and a terrific sense of humor…complimenting each other perfectly, each so deserving of the others love.

CRAZY FUN…what more can I say!! You can’t help but smile when you watch this! They were so great to work with, up for anything…nothing was going to dampen their spirits, not even the rain! They compliment each other so perfectly, from their sense of humour to their ability to stay true to themselves…we are blessed to have gotten to share this experience with them. While giving props to Denise and Adam I can’t pass up this opportunity to say “KUDOS” to all their friends and family as well. What an amazing group of people…we felt like a part of the clan right out of the gate. Heartfelt thanks to everyone for once again confirming why we love what we do so much.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE…Nancy and Michael didn’t find out that we would be filming their wedding until the morning of…imagine!! Nancy’s best friend/matron of honor Monique had orchestrated the whole thing…she got @20 couples to contribute and the most amazing part…everyone kept the secret!! What an incredible gift!! We are blessed to be a part of all the weddings that we do…and this being our first “SURPRISE” was extra special. The faith and trust that Monique had to entrust us with capturing their special day was nothing short of amazing and it means so much…thanks Monique!! The day couldn’t have gone any smoother, Nancy and Michael were fantastic and the kids, Madelyn and Jack. They are surrounded by wonderful friends and family…it was perfect!

Are they not the coolest?! So much fun…we could have stayed at the beach with them all day!! Each wedding that we are blessed to be a part of means so much, but even more so with these two…Natalie is my first cousin and has always had a very special place in my heart. Anthony is a welcome addition to our family! Thank you for entrusting us to capture all the precious moments of your special day! Not having had the chance to see their relationship blossom up close…their wedding day for me was the proud realization of just how perfect they are for each other, and that they are not only a beautiful couple inside and out…but above all, the best of friends. You make my heart smile! Enjoy!

What amazing role models for their children! The love and respect that they have for each other is only matched by the love and respect that they share with their children. Cole doesn’t know just yet how lucky he is to have these two as his parents….but, as young adults, Katie and Patrick are shining examples of what a wonderful job Joe has done. With Diana now making it complete, this family is a force to be reckoned with….I just love the whole lot of ’em!! Enjoy!